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Florin Barbisch •

What I’m doing now

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Focus and Priorities

Revamping the Ed-Tech World: As the CTO of my startup, my top priority is the upcoming relaunch of our platform

Finalizing My Bachelor's in Data Science: With a target completion date of February 2025, completing my bachelor's degree is my second key focus. Balancing studies with work is challenging, but the goal is within reach.

Youth work with CEVI: Continuing my commitment to CEVI, the Swiss equivalent of YMCA, I lead weekly sessions for a group of kids. This journey has been rewarding, and in the summer of 2024, I'll proudly watch as my group takes on leadership roles themselves. I also lead a week-long sports camp in the fall.

Consistent Rowing: Whether it's rowing each week or maintaining a weekly workout routine in the winter, staying physically active is a personal commitment I intend to keep.

Upcoming Plans

Participating in NMUN 2024: Next spring, I'll be attending the National Model United Nations (NMUN) with the Swiss Study Foundation. This opportunity to engage with multilateral politics, learn more about the UN, and meet like-minded individuals is something I'm eagerly anticipating.

Updated 24. November 2023, from my home in Switzerland.

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